December 31, 2018 10:04
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(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson has refuted all knowledge of the EU setting preconditions to startup the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for trade with Iran.

Bahram Ghasemi stated: “The Europeans have long-standing ties with Iran and are very well aware of the characteristics of the IR of Iran. Iran is known to everyone on the global stage and everyone knows Tehran will not be dictated to.”

Ghasemi continued: “Obstacles plaguing the SPV reflects European incapacities vis-a-vis the US and the pressures it is applying on them, together with the complications of the SPV itself; the mechanism would take time to take off anywhere in the world.”

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said: “We are still looking forward to the EU delivering its promises, but Tehran is also pursuing all its options with countries like China, Russia, India, and Turkey without tooting its horn.”

Ghasemi added: “Iran has not cornered itself into using a single mechanism and all doors are open to us.”

He went on to say: “Even though the EU has not been able to officially announce the start of the SPV on time, we hope it will not fall at the first hurdle and continue on this road.”

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Ghasemi said: “We feel Europe is largely unable to bear the pressures brought on it by the Americans and it is not on par with them to defend its European identity and its financial and economic entities.”

He added: “If the Continent cannot stand the pressures and uphold its mechanism, the world will certainly develop a different outlook towards it. As such, Europe will not be able to have a spotlight on the global scene as a single power with one voice.”

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