(Persia Digest) - There are several caves in western Iran in Lorestan Province, one of which is Pol-e Dokhtar's Kalmakareh Cave, one of the six great treasures discovered in the world.

The twin openings of this cave have zero visibility in the steep rock, so they remained hidden.

The height of the cave is about 650 meters above ground, opening onto a deep valley from where you can see the Seimareh and Kashkan plains.

Kalmakareh was accidentally discovered in 1989 by a shepherd who was chasing a lost goat from his flock. He discovered a coin in the mouth of the Kalmakareh Cave, which is a long passage leading to the main halls; his curiosity led to the discovery of the whole treasure.

After a while, The Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran was informed of the existence of the cave and dispatched a group to protect it, but all the objects in the cave, including coins and a number of silver animal figurines and silver cups, dating back to the early days of the Achaemenid era and late Median period, were removed by the locals and smugglers from the cave.

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A Castle with thousands of years of mystery

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Numerous priceless artefacts were discovered in unauthorized explorations of the cave which are preserved in European museums such as the Louvre and the British Museum, as well as the Metropolitan Museum of New York. These objects include figurines, plates and priceless objects.

This cave was registered as a national heritage of Iran in 2005.

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