(Persia Digest) – An Iranian MP says: “In 2018, one million people became slum-dwellers in Iran due to rising living costs.”

In an interview with the Parliament’s news agency, Ali Kord said that slums were a huge problem forming around big cities in the country, adding: “These shanty towns lack proper sanitation, and educational and welfare facilities. A myriad of social and cultural harms threatens their population.”

He named the lack of appropriate infrastructure in villages, border towns, and deprived areas as the reason for increased migration to metropolitan areas and urban slum settlements.

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The MP said there are 13 million people living in slums in Iran, adding: “The government has not been very successful in managing this issue in 2018. With the rising cost of living and property prices, we have witnessed the addition of another one million people to these urban settlements.”

Be that as it may, he expressed hope that recent rainfalls filling up the qanat aqueducts and rivers in Iran will reverse immigration from cities to the countryside.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that economists in Iran had reported earlier that rising accommodation prices and other basic data-x-items affected by parity rates between the dollar and rial over the past year has caused a large part of the middle class to move into the lower-income bracket and the latter to move further down into slum settlements.

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