(Persia Digest) - Prisoner of conscience and founder of “Erfan-e Halgheh”, Mohammad-Ali Taheri, has completed his prison sentence and an order issued for the end of his sentence according to his lawyers.

Seyed Mohammad-Zaman Daryabari said that the court has issued a new order stating that Mohammad-Ali Taheri has completed his sentence and should have been freed as from 9.8.2018.

He added: “Based on this, my client must freed officially as soon as possible.”

Taheri is presently on leave.

Mohammad-Ali Taheri is the founder of “Erfan-e Halgheh” in Iran. He was arrested on 4 May 2011 and accused of blasphemy, unauthorized medical and patient care, illegitimate relationship, unauthorized use of scientific titles (doctor and engineer), and subversive books and works. He was sentenced to five years in prison, a 900MM toman fine in cash, and 74 lashes.

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Mofsed-e-filarz or spreading corruption on earth was another one of his accusations which is a capital crime. But his death sentence was quashed by the Supreme Court.

A second judge also sentenced Taheri to death for the above crime, but the Supreme Court once again quashed the verdict. A third judge sentenced him to five years in prison.

Taheri objected to the ruling, but the appeals court upheld his five years of imprisonment.

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