(Persia Digest) - Iran rejected on Saturday 'baseless and false' reports that Tehran has requested Washington to negotiate or that Iran-Saudi talks have started.

“There has been no request from Iran for negotiations with the US,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Saturday.

On negotiations with Saudi Arabia, Mousavi said that according to a separate agreement, Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to divide the issues concerning Hajj pilgrimage from the political issues.

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The official said that Iran follows 'transparent' policy toward its neighbours that “is based on mutual respect, good neighbourly ties in line with cooperation and dialogue.

“All Iran’s neighbours that consider regional and international realities and developments realistically are put on the country’s priority for building constructive relations on mutual respect,” Mousavi noted.

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He described Saudi Arabia as “an important country in the region”, however criticised its “unconstructive approach on an incorrect path that has caused many crises and hardships in the region”.

Mousavi expressed hope that Saudi officials return soon to the path of sincere well-wishing for the regional nations in good faith.

“In such situation, the Islamic Republic of Iran, like always, will be ready for interaction with Saudis in the framework of regional and bilateral cooperation,” he said.

Source: IRNA

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