(Persia Digest) – While some media in Iran reported that a rise in petrol prices may lead to rationing, the cabinet and Parliament agreed to keep everything as is today.

The Spokesperson for Parliament’s Board of Directors, Behrouz Nemati, said: “At a closed session of the cabinet and Parliament today, it was decided that fuel smart cards will be re-introduced to fight fuel contraband, but petrol will not be rationed and the price will remain at rials 1000/litre.

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Nemati stressed there will be no price rises for petrol and the fuel smart cards will be re-introduced solely to control the market. Consumption will have no ceiling.

According to Persia Digest (PD), after some media outlets reported petrol will be rationed and prices are set to rise, crowds of people rushed to petrol stations to fill-up.

Some experts also remarked on petrol prices affecting the price of other goods and said this was not correct.

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A member of the Energy Commission of Parliament, Salam Amini, also said today that all water and electricity rises which had been planned from early May have been halted.

According to him, this will take effect until the Ministry of Energy’s proposal has been reviewed by MPs.

Petrol, water, and electricity price rises have been stopped as Iran is facing zero exports of its oil under US sanctions.

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