(Persia Digest) – A dossier has been compiled on the city of Shiraz to be inscribed as a Creative City of Crafts by Unesco. This has now been submitted to the World Crafts Council for initial assessments to register Shiraz as Iran’s second city after Isfahan in the Creative Cities Network.

Deputy for Handicrafts at Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization, Pouya Mahmoudian, stated that Iran is the third largest producer of handicrafts in the world in terms of variety, adding: “31 provinces of Iran have endless capacities in producing hand arts.”

Speaking at an MoU signing meeting with the Austrian company in Shiraz, he pointed out to the follow-ups with an Austrian delegation on Iranian arts and crafts, reiterating: “We are hoping to introduce exquisite Iranian handicrafts to Austria, and as a gateway from there to the rest of Europe and the world.”

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Mahmoudian also reminded: “In the second stage of our cooperation with the Austrian delegation in Vienna, we will introduce the Iranian house model which represents the height of Iranian arts and crafts. Apart from its architectural design, the Iranian house also has ornaments from zero to a hundred.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the above-mentioned MoU will provide financing, investment in tourism, services, and crafts in Fars Province such as regeneration, maintenance, and running of historic sites. The MoU also includes the construction of a waste recycling site, accommodation for tourists, and tourism centers in the province.

The MoU is valid for 12 months which can be extended with mutual agreement.

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