(Persia Digest) – On national family day in China, an Iranian family has been chosen by the Beijing women’s association as the best expat family living in the Chinese capital.

The women’s association organizes the program with Beijing TV. The Iranian family of four includes parents Mohammad-Reza Lotfollahi-Ghaffari, Mohadaseh Barzegar-Bafrouei and children Mohsen and Fatemeh-Sana.

The competition is divided into different categories like a cooking contest, story writing in Chinese, handicrafts, music, and an arts competition for the entire family.

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Family ethics and problem solving abilities during the interviews and games were among other criteria which helped this Iranian family resident in china to get to the top.

Two American-Chinese families ranked 2nd and 3rd.

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The father of the Iranian winners is a graduate of business management and his spouse is a Chinese language PhD candidate.

The family has been resident in China since 2005.

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