(Persia Digest) – Meat rolls are the most popular finger foods made with a variety of rolled meats and vegetables. The filling can be changed according to taste.

This meat roll from Kermanshah is a delicious local recipe which is prepared mostly for lavish gatherings.

Ingredients (serves 6)

500g Lean minced meat

1 Medium grated onion

250g Cooked split peas

100g Chickpea flour

2 Eggs

Turmeric, salt, pepper, oil to taste

Filling ingredients

200g Dried apricots

150g Crushed walnuts

150g Currants

2 tbsp Caramelized onions

Sauce recipe

2 tbsp Tomato paste

2 tbsp Lemon juice

1 tbsp Sugar

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Mix the minced meat, grated onion, salt, pepper, and turmeric together.

Grind the cooked split peas and add to the meat mixture with the chickpea flour.

Add the eggs and knead well until it feels sticky. Place the mixture in a freezer bag and keep in the fridge for half an hour.

Wash and drain the dried apricots and mix with the walnuts, currants, and caramelized onion in a bowl.

Take a handful of minced meat the size of an orange, fill it with a spoonful of dried apricot mixture in the centre and form into an elliptical shape. Leave the shape of your fingers on it. Continue until all the meat is rolled.

Heat a pan with oil and fry the rolls. Mix the tomato paste, lemon juice, water, and sugar in a bowl like a sauce.

Lay out the rolls at the bottom of a large pot (the rolls must not be piled up because they may not cook through) and pour the sauce over them. Place the pot on low heat for 20 minutes until the sauce is absorbed. Dish out and serve.

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