(Persia Digest) – At a distance of 90 km from Kerman in a desert in southeastern Iran, the lowest part of Dasht-e Lut and the hottest place in the world can be found.

Gandom Beryan or Rig-e Soukhteh is a range of hills, an area of 480 square kilometers covered with volcanic lava located 80 km north of Shahdad city in Dasht-e Lut in Kerman Province. It is located in the east of Shoor River, and there is no living thing there because of the extremely hot climate. Gandom Beryan is covered with volcanic black basaltic rocks and lava; this volcanic black cover increases the heat in the area. This region is also the lowest region inside Iran, and this is another reason for its intense heat.

Some experts have stated that before the temperatures in Gandom Beryan were announced, it was thought that the Libyan Desert in the north of the Sahara Desert in Africa with a temperature of 57.7 °C was the hottest region on the planet; but later it became clear that Gandom Beryan in Dasht-e Lut with a temperature above 67 °C in the shade is the hottest place on earth.

Expert research in Gandom Beryan shows that no creatures live here in an area measuring 200 x 150 kilometers.

Photos: Ahmad Balbasi

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