(Persia Digest) - Zahra Kiani, a 19-year old girl from Isfahan who has won many honors and medals in "wushu taolu", is the first Iranian woman to win a medal in the Asian Competitions.

Zahra Kiani won a silver medal in the Asian Competitions last year and recorded her name in the history of wushu in Iran. Kiani was also the most successful and most accomplished athlete in the 6th Youth World Championships in Bulgaria winning two gold medals and one silver. She has been doing wushu since she was eight years old; she participated in international competitions for the first time at the age of ten and won a silver medal. Kiani who started doing whushu in 2010, has won 17 medals, making her the most accomplished taolu player in Iran.

In recent years, women's sports, especially martial arts, have garnered much more attention than before, and Iranian girls have won medals and honors for the country's martial arts in various competitions.

Photos: Rasoul Shojaei / IMNA

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