(Persia Digest) – A platform for logistic cooperation has been approved at a meeting between the Deputy to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Chabahar Free Zone Organization Managing Director.

At this meeting, the Deputy to the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan said: “Not having access to the free seas is a hurdle for Uzbekistan and its neighbors as it inflicts heavy costs on the transport sector of our country.

Alisher Sultanov pointed to Chabahar’s international placement, and added: “Studies show that the Chabahar route is a safe, uncostly one. Our meeting here is intended to pave the way for serious cooperation and we hope to resolve the problem of costly transport for our country.”

Sultanov added: “We are very interested in a logistics partnership with Chabahar and for our companies to be able to use the transport facilities of this port.”

The Chabahar Free Zone Organization Managing Director welcomed Sultanov’s proposal and the two sides approved the adoption of a platform for logistical cooperation by designating their representative offices.

The Chabahar Free Zone Organization Managing Director also said: “Expanding the infrastructures of the Free Zone and Chabahar Port is one of President Rouhani’s megaprojects.”

Abdol-Rahim Kordi extended an invitation to the investors and businesses of Uzbekistan to participate in the development of this Zone, and stated: “Today, companies from Europe, East Asia, and regional countries are active in upstream and downstream steel and petrochemical plants, the fisheries, greenhouse produce, hotels and accommodation complexes, etc in the Chabahar Free Zone and we are anticipating a bright future for this area.”

Kordi added: “Chabahar is the shortest and safest route for Central Asian countries to access free seas.”

Referring to the MoUs signed by Iran with India and Afghanistan, he continued: “The North-South corridor in Iran is nearly active. This provides a unique opportunity for Uzbekistan and its neighboring countries to access free waters at a lower cost and in less time.”

Kordi also invited Uzbek companies active in the transport sector to join the international logistics consortium which has been set up by the private sectors of Oman, Iran, and Afghanistan in Chabahar.

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