(Persia Digest) – Agreement has been reached with the Civil Aviation Organization of the IR of Iran for 12 air taxis to be airborne in a number of Iranian provinces by March next year.

Chairman of the Advanced Space Transportation Technologies of Iran, Manouchehr Manteghi, has said: “Air taxis will start working in a number of provinces including North Khorasan and Hormozgan. They will be flying between the provincial capitals and surrounding cities. This service is set to expand.”

According to him, planes used for air taxis will carry four to ten passengers each.

Manteghi added: “Air taxis are unscheduled flights. Passengers must spend a lot of time on scheduled flights before departure. But this time is cut short for air taxis.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that air taxis are small, light plans with the capacity to carry only a few passengers, the same as regular shuttle taxis.

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