(Persia Digest) - There is a religious school in Ferdows city, South Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran, which dates back to the late Safavid period.

Oliya Religious School, a Safavid building, has a four-iwan structure and an octagonal plan; it was built in the late Safavid era by Mir Ali Beyk. The architecture of this school is one of a kind. Behind the iwan entrance, there is a vestibule with an octagonal-shaped teaching area and a dome-shaped cover located on the eastern side and a prayer room with beautiful Mogharnas decorations and a dome-shaped cover on its western side. The entrances to the school yard are located in the northeastern and northwestern sides of the vestibule. At the center of the courtyard of this nationally registered monument, there is an octagonal sunken garden. In the past, water flowed in from one side and flowed out the other. The school has four iwans and chambers are built for religious students on three sides.

Before the earthquake of 1968, this school was used by theology students and teachers, but today it is preserved as an historic monument by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

Photos: IRNA

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