(Persia Digest) – Unilateral US sanctions deprived Iranians from watching live their U21 team’s historic win at the 2019 FIVB championship last night.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the 21st FIVB Volleyball Men's U21 World Championship hosted by Bahrain took place last night. The Iranian and Italian teams reached the final in which Iran beat Italy 3-2 for a first time historic win.

But Iranians were deprived from watching the game live following the unilateral exit by the US from the JCPOA nuclear deal and reinstatement of sanctions on Iran.

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Iran’s Minister of Sport and Youth said: “The MIG company responsible for broadcasting the games for FIVB had said it is unable to sign a contract with Iran due to sanctions.”

This is while the US has repeatedly claimed that sanctions have been imposed on the Iranian government and not its people. This claim whether pertaining to medication and humanitarian goods or other issues such as the live broadcast of a much-loved game by the Iranian people has turned out to be a big lie.

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