(Persia Digest) – The mothers international cultural foundation has announced that the Iranian mother of the year will be chosen soon according to its charter and selection criteria.

Family has a special stance in Iranian-Islamic culture and the mother is the pillar of the family. In Iranian culture, the mother is responsible for bringing up the children and it is said that “paradise belongs to mothers”.

The mothers international cultural foundation places the role of the mother at the top of its priorities, followed by identifying, accrediting, and celebrating mothers across Iran.

To achieve this, the foundation will be selecting mothers based on its objectives.

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The call to participate has been announced as: “An exemplary mother must be a good parent to her children; she must be a compassionate lady, and a companion and loyal, patient wife. The exemplary mother must have performed her duties and responsibilities in a proper manner towards her children; she must be a good citizen and a role model for others. She must have achieved a particular task in her personal, family, and social life with a positive impact on society.”

All those interested can sent the CVs and contact info to info@mothersfoundation.ir, or WhatsApp 0917 0479393. For more information, please call 07132288440-2, ext 108.

The mothers foundation has already been registered in 74 countries.

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