(Persia Digest) - Khoy is located in West Azerbaijan Province close to the border of Turkey. The city has one of the oldest civilizations in northwestern Iran. One of the city's most beautiful attractions is its stone gate.

This monument was built during the Ilkhanid reign and people used to pass through the gate in and out of the city in ancient times. Nowadays, it is one of the most important historical attractions of Iran that many tourists visit.

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This gate has witnessed many historical events and traces of bullets fired by Armenian and Ottoman invaders can still be seen on its walls after so many years.

Stone and brick were used in the construction of the gate and it is divided into northern and southern wings.

The only standing stone gate in Iran

Right in front of this gate a deep ditch was dug, with a suspended bridge built over it; in case of enemy invasion, the bridge would be pulled up so that the invaders would not be able to enter the city. Later, as the city expanded, the building was placed in the new fabric and its north side was connected to the old Khoy bazaar.

After visiting this beautiful gate, you can also visit nearby attractions such as the Khoy Museum, Kabiri House, Shams Tabrizi Tomb, and Ghotour Bridge which are among the other facets of the city's beauty.

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