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Metamorphosis   (music)

Metamorphosis (music)

Artist: Siavash Sadr Azodi Album: Metamorphosis Genre: New Age Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) – “Metamorphosis” is an album by Siavash Sadre-Azodi in the New Age genre very much in tune with oriental tastes in music. The trace of many other styles of music can be found here.

Part III   (music)

Part III (music)

Artist: Mohamadreza Aligholi Album: Earth Whispers Genre: New Age Year: 2001   (Persia Digest) – “Part III” from the album “Earth Whispers” is in the New Age genre with a very conceptual and imaginary ambience. The tracks in the album have been composed with the idea of a symbolic bird flying across the sky over Iran.

Ravi [Narrator]   (music)

Ravi [Narrator] (music)

Artist: Golfam Khayyam Album: Ravi [Narrator] Genre: Classical/New Age Year: 2011   (Persia Digest) - Ravi [Narrator] is an album by Golfam Khayyam, player of acoustic guitar in the Clasical/New Age genre. In parts, it is accompanied with the lute playing of Siavash Roshan that takes it peeping into oriental music. 

Be Hich Soo [Aimless]   (music)

Be Hich Soo [Aimless] (music)

Artist: Milad Derakhshani Album: Harf Bezan [Talk] Genre: Fusion Year: 2017   (Persia Digest) - Be Hich Soo [Aimless] by Milad Derakkhshani is a love song and a fusion of Persian, new age, and ambient music. Illustrating a shared sense of mat is an important connection point and musical bond in this genre of music.



Artists:       Golnoosh Salehi & Soheil Mokhberi Composer: Golnoosh Salehi Album:       Dah-e-Tir Genre:       Experimental Year:          2017 (Persia Digest)-  The musical piece Baraamad is a reflection of audiences, and the Iranian audience in particular, moving towards a serene musical setting without excesses. This spatialization can also be found in similar styles of western music abundantly, such as new age and ambient. In this particular piece, Golnoosh Salehi and the band of young, talented generation of new Iranian music have been very successful in fusing the two styles and staying faithful to traditional Iranian music at the same time, while forging a special new atmosphere.


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