Americans still travel to Iran

Americans still travel to Iran
ID : N-135 Date : 2017/08/19 - 11:10

(Persia digest)- The tour operators’ association chief in Iran denied claims by the US State Department that Iran has stopped issuing visas for American citizens. He said despite all the US threats and actions taken contrary to the spirit of the nuclear deal (JCPOA), no changes have been made to the travel of its nationals to Iran and we have maintained the same procedures enabling them to come here.

Ebrahim Purfaraj added that none of the travel agencies applications have been turned down. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has processed all documents and granted visas following normal procedures. He reiterated that American tourists are still traveling to Iran and their numbers have increased as compared to the previous year.

Purfaraj said that the process of issuing visas to American citizens takes longer now, but insisted that this does not mean more stringency or a negative response to their visa requests.

On Tuesday, a US State Department official updated an alert to its citizens on their official website regarding travel to Iran and claimed that dual nationality citizens are at risk of being detained and imprisoned unfairly in Iran!


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