Condoleezza Rice and the Iranian – A love story

Condoleezza Rice and the Iranian – A love story
ID : N-1848 Date : 2018/05/27 - 14:04

(Persia Digest) – Iranian author, Mojtaba Seydi, has just published a collection of short stories entitled “A political romance”, including a story about Condoleezza Rice with her permission.

Condoleezza Rice was serving as US Secretary of State in 2006, when the Iranian MP Shokrollah Attarzadeh, accused Ms Rice of mixing her personal feelings with politics in a scandalous statement.

He said Ms Rice suffered a love failure in her relationship with an Iranian young man in her youth, leading her to resent all Iranians. He added that if Rice denied his allegations, he would reveal documents he had obtained from the Iranian young man to prove his words.

The comments by Attarzadeh made headlines for a time. These were neither denied by Ms Rice nor did Attarzadeh reveal his documents. Be that as it may, the scandal led to a fiction being written by Mojtaba Seydi.

He has published a collection of short stories entitle “A political romance” in which a story with the same title narrates the love story between the two, followed by strange happenings in the life of the author after publication.

Prior to publication, Seydi sent a copy to Stanford University – where Ms Rice is a lecturer – and receives her written permission.

The correspondence is also printed as part of the book.

The book has been published by Kian Afraz Publishers in 150 pages, costing tomans 16 thousand.


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