Holland ready for Iran investment

Holland ready for Iran investment
ID : N-1080 Date : 2018/01/17 - 13:44

(Persia Digest) – Susanna Terstal, the Dutch Ambassador to Tehran, in a meeting with Mansur Moazami, Chairman of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), said: “We encourage Dutch companies to cooperate with Iran; however, at times, obtaining the required information needed for companies that are interested in this cooperation is very difficult.”

She added: “Our businessmen really want to work with Iran, however, occasionally we hear from them that the process of trade with Iran is very protracted.”

Terstal said: “Still, we are ready and willing to place our capacities for training at the disposal of Iranian companies.’

She referred to the air pollution in Tehran and said that part of it is due to old cars still running in the streets of Tehran and non-standard fuel being used, and added: “Imports of hybrid and electrical cars can help remove this problem; however, there are complicated import laws in Iran. Therefore, to reduce these impediments, you must help our companies; because, for example, I know that a major Dutch company wants to invest in Iran and build factories and export its manufactured products from Iran.”

The Dutch Ambassador in Iran, by referring to creating employment through this cooperation, said: “We are aware of the impediments for manufacturing products in Iran, among which one can refer to the fact that imports of raw materials are limited and Iran needs to reduce these restrictions for two or three years. Marketing is no problem. We have observed the Iran market and we like it.”

Also, in this meeting, Mansur Moazami , said: “After the sanctions on Iran were lifted, a positive atmosphere was created and now we are ready to negotiate; we want European companies to come to Iran and help our manufacturers and producers in training projects.”


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