Indian withdrawal from Chabahar rejected

Indian withdrawal from Chabahar rejected
ID : N-3655 Date : 2018/12/08 - 15:30

(Persia Digest) – Deputy director for maritime affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran dismissed reports of India’s withdrawal from Chabahar for security reasons, stressing that Iran will firmly continue the Shahid Beheshti infrastructural projects.

Responding to a question on last Thursday’s terrorist attack in Chabahar and investor concerns in this Iranian port, Hadi Haghshenas said: “The terrorist explosion was only a game of firecrackers outside the law enforcement headquarters and had nothing to do with the Port of Chabahar.

“Similar events have taken place in the Sistan and Baluchistan Province in the past and this is not the first time,” Haghshenas said.

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Noting that several small projects had been inaugurated on Thursday and that the terrorist event was not related to these inaugurations, he said: “Our main project was to make operational the first phase of the Shahid Beheshti port development project in the presence of the Iranian and Afghan presidents as well as the Indian prime minister; nothing happened during the inauguration day and everybody witnessed the existence of high level of security in Iran.”

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Haghshenas said last Thursday’s incident was unimportant and not related to the development project of Chabahar and its future. The Chabahar city’s infrastructural projects will continue with power and determination.”

According to a report by Persia Digest (PD), construction operations for three small projects with an investment of 170 billion tomans kicked off in Chabahar last Thursday, simultaneously with a terrorist attack in this city. 

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