Iranians turned tourist

Iranians turned tourist
ID : N-298 Date : 2017/09/12 - 09:50

(Persia digest)- Based on the latest statistics provided by the Tourism Organization of Iran the number of Iranian tourists traveling abroad rose to nine million 196 thousand and 140 last year. This figure was three million 474 thousand and 692 people in the first five months of this year, showing an increase of 20.9% as compared to the same period last year when tourists numbered two million 875 thousand and 203 people.

Iranians have been increasingly visiting other countries over the past few years. The most visited countries in 2016 were Turkey, Iraq, Dubai, Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, and Saudi Arabia respectively. At the same time, four million 901 thousand and 83 people have visited Iran in 2016, making a negative balance of four million 295 thousand and 57 people in the number of inbound-outbound tourists.

The top four countries sending the largest number of tourists to Iran in 2016 are Iraq (one million 392 thousand and 245), Azerbaijan (979 thousand and 391), Afghanistan (683 thousand and 172), and Turkey (415 thousand and 11).


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