Life returns to Urmia lake (photos)

Life returns to Urmia lake  (photos)

(Persia Digest) – With increasing rainfall in Iran following long years of drought, water levels of the dying Urmia lake in Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran, have risen by 57 centimeters.

Over the past water-year, the surface-water supply of the lake was 1270.28; this has now reached 1270.85 due to more rain this year and a rise of 57 centimeters in the lake.

The present surface area of the lake is 2400 square kilometers and the volume of water is 2 billion and 250 million cubic meters. This year, 258 million cubic meters of water from the Shahr Chai, Mahabad, and Shahid Kazemi Boukan dams were released, with most of it from the Boukan dam at 180 million cubic meters.

Despite the release of water from the dams, 95 percent of these are filled with water from the precipitations, allowing for more water flow to lake Urmia. Unprecedented precipitation this year has meant that 500 million cubic meters of the inlet water is from rainfall during the months of March and April.


Photos: Taha Asgharkhani/IRNA News Agency


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