Nowruz celebration in three Tehran districts

Nowruz celebration in three Tehran districts
ID : N-1516 Date : 2018/03/19 - 09:57

(Persia Digest) - Nowruz will be celebrated in three Tehran districts this year.

The celebrations will be from 22 March to 1 April 2018 (1397 HS) in Tochal, northern Tehran from 10h00-12h00, Golestan Palace in central Tehran from 15h00-17h00, and the Persian Gulf Lake (Bamland Bridge) in western Tehran from 20h00-23h00 for Tehranis and holidaymakers.

Verses from the “Shahnameh” Book of Kings by 10th-century poet Ferdowsi and from the collection of poems by 14th-century poet Hafez will be read alongside puppet shows, folk music, cultural games, coach rides, and old coffee house games (Torna bazi).

Also, 109 hotels, 112 motels, 127 traditional restaurants, 17 B&Bs, 126 home accommodations, 46 recreational facilities, 27 apartment hotels, and 144 motorway service areas and roadside caterings will be welcoming travelers during the Nowruz holidays with discounts. Ministry of Education employees and Nowruz travelers will be give 50% and 40% discounts respectively for accommodation in Tehran Province


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