Nowruz in the village of ancient windcatchers

Nowruz in the village of ancient windcatchers
ID : N-1502 Date : 2018/03/31 - 10:02

(Persia Digest) – Lāft village in Hormuzgan Province, southern Iran, has the oldest windcatchers and fantastic sunsets in Iran.

The village is in the north of Qeshm Island. It is a coral island the soil of which has been used in building the houses and windcatchers here, completing the beautiful presence of nature on the Island.

Lāft is a port with numerous attractions. A few of these are its windcatchers, traditional water cisterns, beautiful mosques and architecture, old houses, dhow building plants, Naderi Fort, the Vow Tree, and the cement boat.

But the most attractive feature of the village are its windcatchers. If you look closely at the different, creative patterns on each one of these, you will notice that they act as a door number, guiding people to find the house they are looking for.

So if you are planning a trip to Qeshm Island, make sure to spend a day in Lāft village and get to know its architecture which has been created with water, earth, and wind. These are the unique windcatchers of Lāft, famed not only in Iran, but also worldwide.


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