Zarif makes new offer to Saudi Arabia

Zarif makes new offer to Saudi Arabia
ID : N-1145 Date : 2018/01/27 - 10:03

(Persia Digest) – In an interview with prominent German journalist, Jürgen Todenhöfer, the Iranian Foreign Minister has pointed out to a new offer made by Iran to sign a “non-aggression treaty” for regional security. The proposal put forward by FM Javad Zarif includes a comprehensive confidence-building program, moving towards the exchange of tourism, and military visits.

Zarif also spoke of developments taking place in the Persian Gulf: “I believe only a peaceful solution can pave the pave for improvements. We have put many wars behind us and this cannot continue. From our viewpoint, the events pertaining to the Persian Gulf require a multilateral dialogue. We must realize that no one can dominate the region and we must all work together.”

The Iranian FM added: “In addition, we need to build confidence amongst ourselves. This can be achieved through tourism, military visits, and the signing of a non-aggression treaty with all the regional countries, including Saudi Arabia which is one of the most important countries in the Persian Gulf region. A conclusion cannot be reached without their presence.”

Zarif had also written an article about “security networking” earlier, stating that this is the only pragmatic way to exit the present vicious circle created by depending on trans-regional powers and alliances based on the misconception that security can be bought with petrodollars or flattery. We hope that other countries, especially our European friends, will see this as a positive approach for everyone and call on their allies in the region to accept it.

On Thursday 25 January 2018, Zarif put forward the proposal for a regional dialogue forum for the third time, and wrote in the English-language Yenisafak Turkish paper: “Our long-standing invitation for dialogue still remains true and we await the day that our neighbors will accept it, prompted by their western allies.”


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