February 06, 2018 16:29
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(Persia Digest) – Sardar Hossein Salami, Deputy to the Commander of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran has said: “Today, I can sincerely and realistically announce that we have totally blocked the enemy’s strategies and have the upper hand in all military campaigns to overcome their vital interests; but, this is definitely not the end of the road.”

He added: “Today, we can fire missiles that can hit seaborne vessels with 100% precision; these are not cruise missiles, but ballistic missiles that can travel at eight times the speed of sound. I can say that neither the US nor Russia have this technology and it only belongs to Iran.”

Sardar Salami continued: “MAPNA company is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer of compressors and turbines in the world. It also manufactures airplane engines and has contracts with Lufthansa.”

He went on to say: “Of course, our country also has problems which are no bigger than those of other countries. The problems of livelihood and subsistence of our people have never been bigger than those of the American people.”

Salami gave reassurances that a war between Iran and any other country will not happen, and said: “If they attack us, however, they will certainly be defeated. We can hear their voices in the wirelesses and know what is being said.”

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