February 12, 2018 14:39
News ID: 1209

(Persia Digest) – Massoud Rezaei-Monfared, Director of the Persepolis World Heritage Center said the growth of lichen in Persepolis is getting out of hand, and added: “We are unable to solve the problem in one go. We have had lichen in Persepolis ever since it became uninhabited (from 2000 years ago).

He told ILNA: “Over 120 lichen types have been identified and each one is eradicated with a different method.”

Rezaei-Monfared said: “Two MoUs have been signed for the eradication of the lichen. One is a trilateral MoU with Italy’s Restorers Without Borders which will be implemented soon.”

He continued: “Another MoU has also been signed between the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, the Persepolis Center, and Spain. This group will come to Iran in April to begin its official studies.”

He added: “All open air historic sites in the world face this problem which is rather impossible to eradicate.”

He went on to say: “Roofing will not solve the problem. We also see lichen growing in the Persepolis Museum which is roofed. Building a roof over Persepolis is not logical.”

He explained that no consolidated research had been conducted about lichen and the figures at hand were not correct: “Rumors have been spread on social media that lichen will destroy Persepolis within the next 60 years, which is completely non-technical. Lichen have been growing here for 2000 years and Persepolis still stands.”

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