February 21, 2018 09:09
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(Persia Digest) – The third term of setar teaching classes will be held in Moscow by teacher Azadeh Amiri, with the efforts of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

As reported by Sputnik Russian News Agency, classes for the setar Iranian musical instrument are being thought for the third term running for Russian students by the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Azadeh Amiri says: “In this term, we are concentrating on teaching the “radif” collection of Persian music orders. Students must already be familiar with the basic techniques of playing the setar in order to practice the collection of various melodies. “Radif” are the basic melodies of Persian traditional music and must be learned by every music student. Our job this term is to simplify its learning.”

One of the Russian students learning Persian music here, commented: “I have been interested in Persian music, arts, and culture for many years now. About six years ago, my wife gave me a setar as a birthday present, because she knew it was my favorite genre of music. I think it is a very deep, yet delicate genre of music. Learning the setar without a teacher is very difficult. I tried to teach myself with books and YouTube until the courses were started up here. You can buy Persian music instruments online or ask friends who are going to Iran. You cannot buy them in shops here.”

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