(Persia Digest) – An exhibition and workshop of works by Iranian women artists have been held in the Philippines together with a seminar on “Iranian-Islamic Art”.

ILNA News Agency reports that the works of Marzieh Mehraban-Pajouh (painter, sculptor, and illustrator), Maryam Faraji (wood sculptor), Maryam Teimouri (miniature), and Zahra Kamani (carpet designer) were showcased at the Philippine Women's University. A seminar was also held on “Iranian-Islamic Art”, attended by Iranian artists, masters, university faculty, and art students. Works by the same Iranian artists were also put on show in a different exhibition at the IR of Iran Cultural Centre in Manila.

The exhibition and workshop took place at Rizal Park in Manila with the attendance of the advisor to the Philippines President and head of urban parks.

The exhibition took place to promote the talents of Muslim Iranian women.

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