(Persia Digest) – The Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Mohammad-Ali Jafari, has called intellectual currents against pure Islam as one of the biggest obstacles in Iran, and said: “Today, there are many views opposed to pure Islam, the last of which is the letter written to the Supreme Leader by its 100 signatories proposing that the Islamic Republic should talk with Trump. Trump himself has also said I will pressurize Iran to such an extent that they will sit down to talk with us.”

Persia Digest reports that Jafari is pointing to the letter written by a number of Iranian activists recently in which they asked authorities “to make a national announcement for unconditional talks with the US regardless of the psychological warfare being played out by the Americans in order to take steps for the resolution of disagreements.”

The IRGC Commander said about the signatories: “Their action is somewhat in line with what Trump is doing. It not all, at least a significant number were tasked with creating the right circumstances in the country for talks with Trump.”

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The Commander pointed to recent remarks by the Iranian President saying “are nations and states crazy to negotiate with the US,” and stated: “With all this mistrust, now we don’t know whether we should call them [hundred signatories] crazy or something else.”

Jafari said the JCOPA was an exceptional agreement, and added: “The Supreme Leader allowed talks [with the US], and the result was only the mistrust of America as we have all seen.”

He reiterated: “The N Korean leader is revolutionary, but a communist not a Muslim. He compromised in the end. But we don’t have orders to compromise.”

The Commander continued by saying: “We have the capacity to increase our missile range to over 2000 kilometers. But this is not our present policy, because many of our goals and enemy interests lie in these 2000 kilometers; this is why the Americans don’t take military action.”

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