(Persia Digest) – According to the latest reports released by Dubai’s tourism authorities, the number of Iranian visitors to this country has dropped by 28 percent in the first eight months of 2018 as compared to a similar period last year.

The number of Iranians visiting Dubai from January to August was 253 thousand people, showing a drop of 98 thousand people as compared to 2017. This places Iran in 11th place on the list of important tourism countries for Dubai, with a three-point drop in rank.

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Seventeen thousand Iranians visited Dubai in August 2018, indicating a drop of 50 percent as compared to a similar period in 2017. The most significant reasons for a drop in these figures can be cited as foreign currency fluctuations and the price of the dollar vs the Iranian rial, sharp rises in air ticket prices, and new, more economic destinations.

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Statistics were also released by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism a few days ago, placing Iran in fourth place for travel to this country between January and end of August 2018, as compared to ranking first last year.

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