(Persia Digest) – At the end of its 6-day meetings in Paris, the Special Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has given Iran a 4-month non-political deadline to implement its technical measurements and speed up any remaining deficiencies to join the Task Force.

This decision by the Special Financial Action Task Force was adopted despite the strong insistence of US government representatives to put an end to the suspension and reinstatement of countermeasures against Iran.

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While the FATF statement points to the positive steps Iran has taken, including the final ratification of combating financing terrorism (CFT) and other acts at its Islamic Consultative Assembly, it notes that, like for other countries, the FATF only considers "final" ratified laws.

Once all four acts have been finalized, the FATF will assess them and determine how far these are in line with its standards.

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The FATF also reminded its previous nine requests and calls for the completion of these actions.

The FATF has given Iran a deadline saying it is expected to comply with the standards of this body by February 2019.

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