(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Minister of Energy has announced: “Deputy Ministerial level negotiations have been ongoing over the past ten days between Iran, Russia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan in Moscow to connect the electricity grids of all three countries.”

Reza Ardakanian added: “The talks have been going well and details of the meetings will be reviewed in Tehran in December.”

He stated: “In the first stage, we are looking to increase our electricity exchange with the Republic of Azerbaijan up to 600MW. This will lay the technical grounds for the connection of all three grids.”

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He continued: “There are also alternative ways to export electricity to Russia and then to Europe to overcome any probable technical hurdles.”

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Ardakanian stated that Iran’s capacity to export electricity to neighboring countries was an estimated 2000MW, adding: “Currently, we export electricity to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. With the formation of the new Iraqi government, we intend to have more detailed discussions with the country's Energy Minister to develop relations.”

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