November 15, 2018 09:57
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(Persia Digest) – The Director General of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has asked for an official apology for the unlawful arrest of an Iranian professor in Denmark and the expulsoin of the country’s ambassador from Iran.

Former Director General of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Fereydoun Abbasi, commented on the incident, saying: “The name of Dr Javad Rahighi, full professor at the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, was eliminated from the EU list of sanctions following the JCPOA accord. He had traveled to the EU and US on a number of occasions without encountering problems.”

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He traveled to Italy with a valid visa last week before going to Denmark and then Sweden, to take part in a scientific seminar at Lund University in Sweden.

On his return to Copenhagen airport, he was denied exit and received a humiliating treatment. He was kept in the basement of the airport under the pretext that Dr Rahighi had entered Denmark illegally, when he actually had a valid visa.

Dr Rahighi’s protests showing his visa in his passport fell on deaf ears and he was made to sleep on a bench 40 centimeters wide until the morning.

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He was taken to court and despite his lawyer presenting explanations and valid travel documents, Danish authorities reject his case and returned him to jail.

Abbasi stated that the Iranian government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs must protest this misbehavior by the Danish government: “Dr Rahighi was traveling on a valid visa for a scientific seminar to which he had received an invitation. The treatment he was given is unworthy of our scientists and all Iranians.”

The Director General of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran asked for the expulsion of the Danish ambassador to Iran, adding: “The Danish government must apologise and give reassurances that this will not happen to other Iranian nationals. Otherwise, we will be forced to reciprocate.”

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