(Persia Digest) – Following negative EU feedback and disruptive work against Iran over the recent months, Iran has now decided to end its cooperation with the EU on fighting narcotics and immigration.

In recent weeks, Denmark, Holland, and Albania have expelled a number of Iranian diplomats and Germany has arrested one. The EU has also imposed sanctions on Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence. Poland also conceded to hosting the US anti-Iranian summit. All of these measurements have forced Iran to announce that it will take new decisions on its relations with the EU.

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Reports indicate that Iran’ Foreign Ministry is working with other decision-making organs to end its cooperation with the EU on stopping the transit of narcotics and immigration in the first stage.

This can be a key point in relations between the two and the start of a detachment between Iran and the EU.

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It seems Iran’s patience is coming to an end as announced on a number of occasions by Iranian authorities as international relations is a two-way street.

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