(Persia Digest) – The northern provinces of Iran have been facing unprecedented floods over the past week; but these are presently subsiding and rescue operations have begun.

The solar New Year began in Iran last week with heavy precipitation across the country. The northern provinces border the Caspian Sea where heavy rainfalls led to floods, causing extensive financial damages and taking lives.

Many residential homes, roads, bridges, and infrastructures have been destroyed and people have become homeless, especially in the rural areas. At least two are reported dead.

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Heavy rainfall submerges cities in northern Iran

Loss of life, damages by floods in northern Iran

Rescue forces and the Iranian people have rushed to help the victims and alleviate some of their loss and pain. The operations are made more difficult in areas unreachable even by boat, where these can be accessed by helicopter only.

High-ranking officials have announced that the flash floods have subsided in Golestan Province. But new precipitation is forecast for Golestan as from tomorrow.

The Met Office has predicted that rainfall will continue in over 19 Iranian provinces until Wednesday.

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