(Persia Digest) – The results of a scientific survey show that Telegram and Instagram continue to top the list of apps used in Iran.

According to the results of the latest telephone survey conducted on social networking across Iran by the Research Center for Culture, Arts and Communication in February 2018, Telegram tops the list with 60.3 percent, followed by Instagram with 39.3 percent, and WhatsApp with 27.8 percent subscribers.

The survey indicates that over half of the responders (54.1%) stated contact with friends and family as a reason for using Instagram, followed by watching clips (40.9%), and news updates (31.2%).

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Also, 43.2 percent of responders said they follow celebrity pages on Instagram. Athletes are followed by 23 percent of the users, and scientific figures by 11.3 percent respectively.

The majority of responders (75.3%) said their personal pages were private as opposed to 34.7 percent who said their pages were open to the public.

64.4 percent of responders using Instagram said their posts were about personal and family events on their personal pages.

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The results of the survey show that Iranian citizens mostly listen to the radio and watch TV for the news (sports, crime, cultural, economic, political, and int’l). Social media is used next as a source of news. Currently, Iranian public opinion is mostly interested in financial news (40.4%) and political news (39.4%).

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