(Persia Digest) – The Managing Director of the Autism Association of Iran has said that the hijab is a challenge faced by Iranian families with autistic daughters, adding: “These girls are unable to keep the hijab on their heads.”

Iranian women are obliged to wear the Islamic hijab according to Sharia Law. The MD of the Autism Association of Iran has asked for more police vigilance and care when dealing with girls with autism.

Speaking to IRNA, Saeideh Saleh-Ghafari said: “Developmental disorders make it difficult for these girls to keep their heads covered at all times and this afflicts their scalp. They need to remove their scarfs due to sensory problems and this creates difficulties when they are out with their mothers.”

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She continued by saying that they grow into a normal size, but are unable to keep the extra cover on. The police must have a clear understanding of this issue before making judgments, because it is not always clear from appearances that they have autism.

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Saleh-Ghafari added: “Autism sufferers may have different behaviors, such as playing with the car windows and pulling them up and down, or making sounds which are hard to understand. Recognizing this behavioral pattern can help the police to understand them.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that, presently, there are no laws exempting autistic girls from the hijab in Iran.

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