(Persia Digest) – Former US negotiator in the Iran nuclear deal has said sanctions will not be effective in changing Iran’s behavior and it is highly unlikely that Iran will talk to the current US Administration.

Senior negotiator in Obama’s administration during the Iran nuclear deal, Wendy Sherman responded to a tweet on Monday about the defeat of the US Administration in realizing its objectives in sanctioning Iran by tweeting: “When Europe began negotiating w/ Iran in early 2000s, Iran had 164 centrifuges. After punishing sanctions imposed and enforced, crushing their economy, Iran had 19,000 centrifuges by 2013. Sanctions don’t end malign behavior. They can focus choices including coming to negotiate. But Iran highly unlikely to negotiate w/ @realDonaldTrump. More likely Iran waits for 2020 election. Resistance is often watchword.”

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This former US official tweeted the above after the US Administration announced on Monday that no countries will be exempted to import Iranian oil. All those still working with Iran in then days’ time importing oil will be sanctioned.

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Special advisor to President Obama, Robert Malley, had remarked on the current US policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran by tweeting: “Sanctions policy was supposed to bring Iran to the table or the regime to its knees. It failed The administration’s apparent response: to double down on that failed policy & in the process to run the risk of escalation or seeing Iran walk away from the nuclear deal.”

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