(Persia Digest) – The 2017 ICOM ASPAC - International Council of Museums Asia-Pacific Alliance – meeting has kicked off in Chabahar this morning to discuss the management of crises in museums and ratify decisions made in a previous meeting.

The ASPAC meeting in the Chabahar port of southern Iran will scrutinize the state of museums in the Middle East. Directors and curators from Japan, China, South Korea, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and several members of the BoD headquartered in Paris will be holding a think tank on the two main subjects of “crises and management of natural disasters” and “training in the conservation and restoration of Museums”.

Chabahar, a city with interethnic culture, will be home to a central museum displaying the relics and ancient history of southern Iran, the shores of the Indian Ocean, and the Makran Sea.

An 11-day museum management workshop will be held in the southern city of Zahedan in December/January to give training in restoring and preserving historic works. Two lecturers from ICCROM and ICUM International will be invited to lead the workshops.

The Persian New Year Nowruz, already registered as a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, will also be discussed with ECO member states and other countries celebrating the event to get acquainted with the cultural views of other countries about Nowruz.

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