(Persia Digest) – Following its victory at the Premier League games, Tehran’s Persepolis Club also managed to win the Hazfi elimination cup last night amid much controversy.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that last night’s Hazfi Cup knockout final in Iran was played between Tehran’s Persepolis Club and Guilan’s Damash Club in a third city, namely the Shohada-ye Fulad Stadium of Ahvaz, southern Iran.

The match was scheduled for 21h00 hours local time, but was postponed when the stadium filled up with Persepolis fans, leaving 300 Damash fans who had traveled over 1000kms by bus to cheer their team outside the gates. Damash refused to play as a sign of protest.

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Talks to persuade them were to no avail and the two teams returned to the changing rooms after their initial warm-ups on the field. Authorities decided to ask Persepolis captain Seyed Jalal Hosseini and popular goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand to take the mike and ask their fans to make room for Damash fans in the stadium. But the supporters who had come six hours earlier for the match did not concede their seats to the rivals.

After extensive talks, it was announced that Damash was ready to play and the team returned to the field for warm-ups. But Damash said their fans had a legal right to be present and stopped the game again. They traced their steps back into the changing rooms and it was announced in the loudspeakers that the game was off.

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Angry fans began to break and throw the seats onto the field and the police had to evacuate the stadium. 300 Damash fans were then allowed into the stadium and announcements were made for kickoff. Those already on their way home rushed back and the match finally began with a two-and-a-half-hour delay at 23h30 local time to earn the name ‘latest football match in Iran’.

The events, however, led to the weakest possible match in terms of technique and Persepolis finally took the Hazfi Cup title with one goal 17 days after it had won the Premier League title.

The cup and medals were awarded at 2am!

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