(Persia Digest) – The Tehran-Van international train started running Monday morning with the cooperation of Iranian and Turkish railroads, in line with improving regional ties and promoting tourism.

Tehran-Tabriz-Van direct train left Tehran at 09h00 local time Monday morning and will arrive in Tabriz by evening. It will head for the Razi border crossing at 22h30 local time after taking on more passengers in Tabriz.

The passengers will get off the train at the Razi border crossing for passport control and customs formalities on the Iranian side. The train will then start for the Kapikoy border crossing in Turkey where the passengers will carry out the necessary formalities to enter Turkey.

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Border crossing formalities take about two hours on either side of the border and the train will finally arrive at its destination in the city of Van in Turkey at 08h00 local time on Tuesday morning. Total travel time on the Tehran-Tabriz-Van international train is about 24 hours one way.

The price of a single ticket is 225,000 tomans ($17) for adults and 130,000 tomans ($10) for children.

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