(Persia Digest) – The “Tchama” ice cave in proximity to Sheikh Ali Khan village, in at a distance of 25kms from Tchalgard, in Kouhrang County, Chara Mahal & Bakhtiari Province. The Tchama plains spread in front of the ice cave, which resembles a large strait and storage space for ice and snow. The height of the snow reaches 50 meters in some places. The ice layers inside the cave are thinner in the warm season and there is danger of collapse at this time. Walking under them must be avoided.

The Tchama cave is an uncommon one in the province. It is located in a deep valley where snow has accumulated with the passage of time to form ice stalactites on top of the mass of snow which is ever present in all seasons.

A cold water source springs from underneath the snow. The cave is also known as Iran’s largest fresh water source which finds its way to Kouhrang Dam and is known as Iran’s largest fresh water source.

The name “Tchama” is also pronounced as “Tchima” in the local Bakhtiari dialect.

Despite its unique features making this a one of a kind cave in the province, and even the country, it has remained relatively unknown to most tourists.

It has taken hundreds of years to form this ice cave with snowfall in the rocky straight, the angle of sunshine, and the snowmelt in the summer eroding the lower parts of the snow accumulation.

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Photos: Ehsan Jazini/ Vahed Markazi Khabar

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