(Persia Digest) - In the northern part of the Khaled Nabi shrine, in east Golestan Province, there is an area known as North Hezar Darreh. This region attracts the attention of visitors due to different types of dirt roads and Mahoor hills.

The name of Hezar Darreh (a thousand valleys) is due to the abundance of small valleys in this mountain range. Hezar Darreh Mountain has more than 17 peaks over 3600 meters and the highest peak is 3874 meters above sea level.

Mahoor hills of Hezar Darreh are one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Golestan, 55 km northeast of Kalaleh and six km from the village of Gachi Sou.

Photos: Mohammad Hossein Mahimani / Mehr

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