(Persia Digest) – A movie on gender reassignment surgery (GRS) entitled “Soft voice” directed by Afshin Hashemi will premiere in Tehran three years after it was made.

“Soft voice” has a philosophical look on GRS. To date, it has won awards for Best Experimental Film, Best Avant-Garde Film, Best Cinematography… from a number of international festivals.

The film is in English featuring a group of New York theater players. But to establish a better rapport with its Iranian audience, the scenes with the main player have been dubbed in Persian. Popular Iranian theater and film actress, Roya Teimurian, is the voice of the main character played by Minerva Scelza.

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The cast includes Minerva Scelza, Georgia Warner, Joe Pallister, Kate Mueth, and two Iranian actors by the names of Ashkan Khatibi and Martin Shamounpour.

The film will be on limited release in Iran from 27 July.

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