Iran weightlifter breaks world record

Iran weightlifter breaks world record
ID : N-769 Date : 2017/12/04 - 12:15

(Persia Digest) – Sohrab Moradi, Iranian National Weightlifting Team member, sets a new world record in the 94kg weight category after 17 years at the USA World Weightlifting Championships to become the champion with two gold clean & jerk medals and a gold snatch.

Sohrab Moradi won snatch 184kg and clean & jerk 233kg and 417kg to set a new world record by 1kg in clean & jerk and 4kg in weightlifting total.

Previously, Simon Koleski of Poland held the Sofia World Weightlifting Championships 2000 record in clean & jerk 232kg.

Ayoub Mousavi from Iran ranked fifth in the 94kg weight category with snatch 171kg; he took the bronze medal in clean & jerk 214kg ranking 3rd in the world with a total of 385 kg.

Kianouche Rostami from Iran in the 85kg weight category took the silver in snatch 174 kg. He was unable to lift the clean & jerk 212kg twice, and the 215kg once.


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