Jesus Christ, Imam Zaman paintings in a Tehran gallery

Jesus Christ, Imam Zaman paintings in a Tehran gallery
ID : N-3867 Date : 2019/01/01 - 13:38

(Persia Digest) - Recently, an exhibition of 30 paintings of Jesus Christ, Imam Zaman (the 12th and last Imam of the Shiites) and works inspired by Persian miniature with a modern feel were publicly displayed in Tehran.

The exhibition called "Bazicheh-ye Khial (Flights of Fantasy)" is the 16th exhibition of works by Elham Moghtadaei. Her works were exhibited at a group exhibition in Italy last time, which also received a Certificate from a gallery in the country.

The use of warm colors and lines representing expressionism is one feature of Elham Moghtadaei’s works. In most of her works, the faces of women are clearly seen; each of these works tells a story to its audience and, of course, the hero of each of them is a woman who Moghtadaei has depicted.

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The protesting outlook of the painter to the problems of women is another feature of the exhibition, which she herself confirms. The eyes attract the attention of the audience in each painting; the eyes of women are painted big and filled with grief; a common grief that most women in the world suffer from in some form.

These features also appear in two paintings of Jesus Christ and Imam Zaman.

In the painting of Imam Zaman, a rider with a sword is seen without a head. The artist intended to create a different religious effect by avoiding stereotypes and not painting the head of this body.

In the painting of Christ the color green is dominant, and it represents spirituality or even a symbol of justice. All over the work, the scales of justice are clearly seen, and even the name of the work is Christ and Justice, which confirms this.

In this painting, children are seen opening up their arms towards Christ; as if they are requesting justice from him, a justice which is not seen today in the world.

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