Shahrestanak – A mid-of-the-road historic countryside

Shahrestanak – A mid-of-the-road historic countryside
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(Persia Digest) Shahrestanak is the name of an historic village 88kms from Tehran, dating back to the 6th century AH. A spring of water here attracted people who settled here.

An eye-catching mix of history and nature can be seen in every corner. Shahrestanak has many attractions for visitors, each one with its own charm.

Shahrestanak, or Nasseri, Palace

Nasser-e-Din Shah of Qajar ordered a palace to be built in the village in 1877 for his recreation. Agha Mohammad Khan was chosen as the architect. This palace was built at the bottom of Shahrestanak valley with a picturesque landscape. The palace has been registered as one of Iran’s national heritages.

Shahrestanak Dozdband Fort

On the highest peak of Shahrestanak, the remains of a building can be seen which is known as Dokhtar Fort or Dozdband Fort by the locals, giving the place a historic look.

Tappeh Shanestun

By moving through the Galeh Guileh valley (where Nasseri Palace is), a tappeh dune is reached with no trees, but many red terracotta pieces. The dune is known as Tappeh Shanestun and its land is used for dry farming.


Address: Chalus Road, Astara before Gachsar, Alborz Province, Iran

Peak season

You can travel to Shahrestanak at any time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in all four seasons.

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